Find a Team

Nobody is an expert at everything, so you may want to consider looking for a teammate to help you iron out the kinks and fill in the blanks of your submission. We’ve got a few tips for finding a teammate in case you need them.

Connect via Slack

Want to chat about Apache Spark to other big data enthusiasts? We recommend checking out this data-scientist / spark-ml Slack group. Focusing on data science and machine learning by Apache Spark, Python, Scikit-Learn, Scala, Breeze, R, or and more – this group could be a great resource for your Spark app development!

You can use this channel to talk in real time with other big data scientists (and maybe find a teammate)! Just make sure to be respectful – we all have the same goal (building cool stuff).

Use the competition Participants page to connect

In our experience, it’s more fun to code with a friend. On the competition Participants tab, you can:

  • Look for teammates by introducing yourself to the community. Mention any ideas you have and what kind of teammates you’re looking for.
  • Sort participants by the number of projects and followers they have or by registration date.
  • Search participants by name, skills, and portfolio info.
  • Reach out to potential teammates and get to know each other.
  • Collaborate on something amazing! 
Start a discussion

If you’d rather start a conversation about your ideas and get others to come to you, consider starting a thread on the Discussion Board. You don’t need to do a full reveal, but be sure to say enough about what you’d like to do / what you need to get potential teammates excited.